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Hey guys, today my car got HIT BY ANOTHER CAR. The great part about all this is that it wasn't my fault even a tiny little bit, but I'm the only one with a WRECKED CAR. So anyway, this entire thing could've been avoided if the driver hadn't been smoking weed or singing opera or twiddling his thumbs or whatever the hell he was doing instead of BEING AWAKE.

And I would be dead if he was driving any faster than, say, 5 mph.

We were in a parking lot. All the lanes are one-way, with the parking spaces slanting in that direction. This freaking enormous truck (the model was a Ford Super Duty XL F-350, I mean, you can't make this shit up) is parked with the front facing the lane instead of the ass facing the lane like a normal person.

So I'm driving down this lane, minding my own business. As I am about to pass the truck, the guy drives straight forward (at this point I've started honking out of sheer desperation), and right into my door. I mean, he has no bloody excuse, I was right in front of him.

His car has approximately one (1) barely visible scratch, on that enormous grate thing in the front. My car? Well, my driver door is completely broken. The window makes a sad little mzeep noise whenever anyone tries to control it. The side-view mirror... I am now intimately familiar with its innards. The back side door has a huge gash through it, as does part of the back frame, to say nothing of the frontal left side.

My dad just called from Taiwan to yell at me about how I should've taken pictures of the collision (I was stuck! He backed away first, anyway!), and how I should have been more careful. I was driving straight forward, he was driving straight forward. It wasn't rocket science; that's just something you don't expect people to screw up! As for pictures, I have a bloody parking lot full of witnesses, GOD, I AM STILL SHAKEN UP, WHY DOES HE HAVE TO CALL JUST TO TELL ME EVERYTHING I DO IS WRONG?
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My overall GPA is still sad (albeit in Latin honors territory! just... not magna) but whoohoo, I got a 3.898 this semester! I am doing a dance.

Okay, back to accounting.
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It's funny, because I've spent the past week feverishly consolidating all the stories I've written into one Wordpress site, and now, with the addition of this account, I'm about to split my blogging over three separate journals. That's a prime serving of irony right there.

This journal is separate from my LJ. A little bit of the content may overlap, but there will be no cross-posting and the posts will not ever be the same. As such, privacy controls on each will be a little different. For the most part, I will give access to people I know from LJ, but I'm trying to be a little more guarded here. The operative word being "trying."

I can't promise I'll be very good at keeping up with reading here, because I'm still surgically attached to my LJ feed, but I can promise that I'm going to try. Most of you are LJ people who are crossposting, anyway, so things should work out! I hope!

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